Formula Two practice at Monza

The South Korean flag pushed its way onto the front page of the Formula Two website again today, as Sung Hak Mun set the tenth-fastest time in the afternoon practice session. Both sessions were delayed – the first by nearly an hour due to incidents on track earlier in the day, and the second by five minutes.
This did not affect Mirko Bortolotti, however, who set the fastest time in both sessions. Despite being able to use the boost in the afternoon, he was still within a tenth of his morning time. Mihai Marinescu, meanwhile, came second, also setting similar times in both sessions.
Christopher Zanella came third in the morning session, but an incident close to the end of the afternoon session saw him finish sixth, and instead Alex Brundle (who finished fifth in the morning) was third-fastest. Miki Monras came home fourth both times.
Only nineteen drivers are taking to the track at Monza as many struggle to get a budget together. Only one of the Theobald brothers – Julian – is taking part. Also missing are Jose Luis Abadin and Armaan Ebrahim. Abadin will however be at Barcelona for the final race of the season. It’s the first race Ebrahim has missed all season, but with a seat secured next year in Indy Lights, he should be okay.


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