Another American Grand Prix

Monte Carlo. Singapore. New York. In 2013, all three will feature on the Formula One calendar. While some may feel it is unfair that the US will have two races, it is a large country. Certainly it’s a lot larger than Spain, which has hosted two Grands Prix since 2008.
Officials in New Jersey announced the proposed race today that will take place across the river from the famous Manhattan skyline. Though not in New York Ci9ty itself, this video of the route taken by a local shows that the race will certainly afford some great views:

Adam Hay-Nicholls of GP Week and the Metro also posted some photos on Twitter: view from the pits; pit buildings under construction; the local ferry that takes 8 minutes to get to New York. (All pics, of course, by Adam)

I think this is a great opportunity for America. It may have a smaller F1 fanbase in terms of percentage, but I have met via Twitter plenty of enthusiastic racing fans from the US who pay attention to ‘European’ racing. And with Alex Rossi in the wings at Team Lotus, as well as Conor Daly and Jake Rosenzweig hoping for F1 in the future, they could have drivers to support as well.


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