i1 Supercar Series tests in Abu Dhabi

Unlike footballers and musicians, racing drivers don’t usually have their private lives on display to the public. So it was a surprise today when Fernando Alonso revealed that he would be divorcing his wife, Spanish singer Raquel del Rosario.

In happier news, Columbian Julian Leal will be driving alongside Stephane Richelmi at Trident in the 2012 GP2 season. Leal drove with Trident at the GP2 final after a difficult debut season with Rapax, and will be hoping to pick up some points! He won Italian F3000 in 2008 despite not winning a single race.

The i1 Supercar Series was testing in Abu Dhabi today. There is an interesting mix of drivers, with F1 stars from the past including Jacques Villeneuve and Jean Alesi alongside up-and-coming international drivers such as Armaan Ebrahim and Matthias Lauda, and future Indian stars. The fastest of all in today’s test was Parthiva Sureshwaren, but one group of international drivers was particularly speedy. There will also be two female drivers taking part – Pippa Mann and Cyndie Allemann. Pippa is an Indycar driver from Britain, while Cyndie is a Swiss driver who has tried out a number of disciplines.
There are 27 drivers, and in each round of two races eighteen of them will be chosen – two for each of the nine teams. India is clearly determined to get passionate about motor racing. It will never match cricket, but I think the country will do a good job. Hopefully the work of passionate Indians will make sure the country will host Formula One for many years to come.
The first race will be at Sepang on January 21st.

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