Honours for Newey and Mansell

2011 draws to a close, and so we must leave the season behind us. It has definitely been one of the most exciting years in F1 history, even with the championship dominated by Vettel and despite the Valencia Grand Prix. I think many races from the past year will live on, to be talked about in the future and held up to show what great drivers we have in our era.
But with six Formula One world champions on the grid next year – four for front-running teams, and two close behind – as well as many who have won the GP2 championship, the racing promises to be just as good. GP2 has definitely done a good job in helping good drivers to F1, and 2012 will provide more brilliance in that series too. Even at Valencia, GP2 and its own feeder series GP3 have provided some fantastic racing. These will be the F1 drivers of the future.

And as 2012 starts, as usual the Queen of Britain will be handing out honours to those who have done fantastic work for communities, charities, business, sports and more. While British footballers and cricketers seem to find these awards easier to come by, there is recognition for those in Formula One too. This year, two well-known British F1 faces will be awarded honours by the Queen.
First, receiving an OBE, is Red Bull’s chief technical officer Adrian Newey. Newey, who recently celebrated his 53rd birthday, is the genius behind the title-winning RB6 and RB7. He also designed Williams cars in the early 1990s, including the one that brought our second honours recipient his world championship, and later he designed title-winning McLarens.
Nigel Mansell is that championship winner, and he receives a CBE as he already has an OBE. Mansell is awarded the honour for services to children and young people, since he is president of the UK Youth charity. Until this season, he held the record for the most pole positions in one season.

All 2011 championship info will be disappearing from the website tonight. Have a good new year!

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