Mercedes super-DRS is legal

Sorry for the delay to this post. I wrote it, and thought I had posted it, but apparently not! I’ll write up practice reports for F1 and F2 in my next post.

The legality of Mercedes’ ‘Super-DRS’ has now been decided, with Lotus bringing the case before the stewards on Thursday. After much deliberation, they decided that since the Mercedes additions did not constitute an additional moving part, and that it was just making use of the DRS’s functionality, then it was a perfectly legal thing for the team to do. Lotus will not be appealing the decision.

Lewis Hamilton seems set to receive a 5-place grid penalty in China after McLaren found a defect in his gearbox. While the gearbox hasn’t been changed yet, it probably will be changed before qualifying.

The FIA have made the decision that it is safe for F1 to go to Bahrain. They do not believe that there is enough of a threat to drivers to merit cancelling the race. I would suggest that the FIA have forgotten that F1 is only a sport, and in the end there are more important things to worry about. Even if nobody from F1 is hurt, this will have a direct effect on the protestors who do not want F1. Injuries and deaths their will surely also be placed on the shoulders of the FIA.

On the final day of GP3 testing, Mitch Evans was again fastest. Arden’s trio were all strong, and Carlin’s were as well. Along with Lotus, they seem likely to dominate this season. Robert Visoiu was also doing well for Jenzer.

Will Buller has been confirmed in Carlin’s GP3 team, and will also drive for them in the F3 Euro series. It will be Carlin’s first year in that series, and they will partner Buller with Carlos Sainz. Sainz drives for Carlin in British F3, which will take priority in the case of race clashes.

With the first race weekend kicking off today, the full entry list has been revealed! Seventeen drivers will be taking part, with the most-represented nations being Britain and Switzerland. Former GP2 driver Kevin Mirocha, who is now under a Polish license, will be one of those taking part. Former Auto GP driver Samuele Buttarelli (who picked up some wins last year) is also on the list.
There are two practice sessions today, before qualifying and race one tomorrow, and qualifying and race two on Sunday. I will be at Silverstone all day on Saturday, so look out for my pictures on my Twitter account!

Auto GP
It’s the third race weekend for the Auto GP series, and they have travelled to Marraketch. The entry list is likely to be about the same as last time.


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