2012 GP3 Series by Numbers

26 drivers currently signed up – three per team except for Trident, which has 2.

19 separate nations represented by the drivers.

4 nations who have more than one driver in the series by license nationality: Italy (4), Britain (3), USA (2), Finland (2).

19 rookies (including Kevin Ceccon, who has GP2 experience) – only seven drivers have previous experience, and every team has at least one rookie.

9 teams participating. Mucke Motorsport have left without providing a replacement. Tech 1 have been replaced by Ocean, and Addax have been replaced by Trident.

3 drivers have previously won GP3 races: Mitch Evans (Arden), Antonio Felix da Costa (Carlin) and Tamas Pal Kiss (Atech CRS).

3 female drivers have entered the series, the first time ladies have been in GP3. They are: Vicky Piria (Trident), Carmen Jorda (Ocean) and Alice Powell (Status).

1 new round for the series – Monaco!

16 the total number of races in the 2012 series.

8:30 the time in Spain that GP3 practice starts on Friday – that’s 7:30am BST! It won’t be live on Sky, but there’s live timing for the first time at gp3series.com

There are a huge number of drivers that have performed well in the pre-season testing, and I haven’t got a clue who will come out on top over the course of the season. As Formula Two has proven, however, testing pace isn’t everything. All I can recommend is that you watch out for the Lotus, Carlin, Arden and Manor teams! While Lotus and Arden share liveries across GP2 and GP3, Manor and Carlin do not. Marussia (that’s Manor) and Carlin are linked for GP2 and run in the spectacular red and black livery. In GP3, Manor have the red and black while Carlin will use their traditional blue. Don’t get mixed up!


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