November 4th 2012

Irish GP3 driver Rob Cregan is 24 today!

On This Day:
Ayrton Senna had set the fastest lap to date around Adelaide to get pole for McLaren. He retired on lap 61 after a gearbox issue caused him to spin off. Fellow Brazilian Nelson Piquet got the victory, with Nigel Mansell and Alain Prost in second and third for Ferrari. Senna had already taken the championship, but it was a disappointing end to the season.

Lewis Hamilton secured pole for McLaren at Abu Dhabi yesterday. Originally qualifying third, championship leader Sebastian Vettel was disqualified from qualifying after he stopped on the way back to the pits and failed to have enough fuel in his car to provide the required sample. He will start from the pit lane. This provides hope for second-placed Fernando Alonso, who starts sixth today at the track which is notorious for its lack of overtaking.

The Abu Dhabi Grand Prix gets going at 1pm GMT.

Stat of the Day:
The McLaren Mercedes partnership has produced so far a total of 75 pole positions, including that secured yesterday by Lewis Hamilton. This partnership has been going since the beginning of 1995.


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