November 5th 2012

James Allen, British F1 commentator and journalist, is 46 today!

On This Day:
Rain hit Australia for the closing race of the 1989 season. Ayrton Senna was on pole, but it was fifth-placed starter Thierry Boutsen who would take the checkered flag after 70 of the planned 81 laps. There were only eight finishers, and Satoru Nakajima, who started 23rd, would finished fourth. All these retirements couldn’t change the fact that Alain Prost had already won the world championship, with his and Senna’s points having secured the constructor’s championship for McLaren in a dominant season.

Kimi Raikkonen won his first race since he came back to Formula One after engine trouble for Lewis Hamilton. There were two safety cars in the surprisingly dramatic race, and Vettel drove superbly to finish third, having started in the pit lane. Fernando Alonso secured a close second, having been closing on Raikkonen in the final laps, and closed the gap to his rival.

Young driver tests for six of the twelve teams at Abu Dhabi.
A big announcement from Caterham.

Stat of the Day:
Can’t claim the credit for this one, but the Finnish drivers who have competed in F1 have scored over 1500 points in Formula One. This is just 500 less than Italian drivers, despite the fact Italy have had over 100 F1 drivers.


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