November 15th 2012

None known

On This Day:
Gerhard Berger had been ill during qualifying but still made pole. He converted that into victory for Ferrari at the 1987 Australian Grand Prix. In typical Australian fashion it was a race of high attrition, and the fifth-placed finisher, Yannick Dalmas, wasn’t even able to score points as his team, Lola, had only registered one car for the full championship. Ayrton Senna initially finished second, but was disqualified in his final race for Lotus for technical infringements. Berger’s teammate Michele Alboreto joined Berger on the podium, the only other driver on the lead lap. Benetton’s Thierry Boutsen was third after Senna’s disqualification, lapped once.

According to Nico Rosberg, one F1 driver is a chain smoker… He won’t say who it is though!
The FIA have decided not to renew the contract of the current F1 Medical Officer, Dr Gary Hartstein (USA). Dr Hartstein’s last race will be in Brazil. He will have been a part of 247 F1 races, one more than David Coulthard and five less than Jarno Trulli.

The FIA Press Conference for drivers at COTA

Stat of the Day:
A driver completing 100% of race laps this season should travel approximately 6000km on race distance alone – the distance from Washington DC to London.


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