November 27th 2012

Countdown to the 2013 Formula One season: 107 days

None known

On This Day:
Italian racing driver Giancarlo Baghetti died on this day in 1995, in Milan. He was one of only three drivers to win his first world championship race, the others being Nino Farina (who won the first ever F1 world championship race) and Johnnie Parsons (who won the 1950 Indy 500). Baghetti won the 1961 French Grand Prix as well as a number of non-championship races. He never competed in a full season, but drove for Brabham at his home race in 1965, and Team Lotus at his home race in 1967.
In 2011, Mark Webber finally won a race in the final race of the season. Sebastian Vettel had gearbox that allowed Webber through to take the victory, but the champion finished second.

Red Bull will be known as Infiniti Red Bull Racing from 2013 as the Nissan-owned car manufacturer becomes their title sponsor.


Stat of the Day:
McLaren drivers Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button have been closely matched in their three seasons together. In total, Button has scored 672 world championship points, while Hamilton has scored 657. That’s a gap of just 15 points. Not bad!


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