December 6th 2012

Countdown to 2013 Formula One season: 99 days

Happy birthday to Keke Rosberg, the first regular Finnish F1 driver and first Finnish F1 champion in 1982. He won four races in his career, and only one in his championship-winning season. Sadly Didier Pironi – who should have won the championship – suffered career-ending injuries at the German GP. It was also the year that Giles Villeneuve lost his life.

The FIA have moved the date of the 2013 German Grand Prix to July 7th, to go back-to-back with the British GP. This is so that a new Grand Prix (in Europe) can be added on July 21st, probably in Turkey but possibly France or Austria.
The FIA have also agreed to scrap a lot of new regulations for 2013 and 2014, with electric engines in the pit lane postponed, and aero regulations abandoned.
The regulations for the curfew have also changed. The time has been extended, and teams will only have two exceptions during the season.
Rolex has become the new official timekeeper of F1.

Stat of the Day:
Today’s birthday boy Keke Rosberg joinly holds a couple of records in F1. Along with Mike Hawthorn, he has the fewest race wins in his World Championship winning year. He was one of eleven race-winners in 1982, including as part of nine consecutive different winners.


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