December 14th 2012

Countdown to 2013 Formula One season: 91 days

None known

Norbert Haug is to leave Mercedes after 22 years with the manufacturer’s motorsport division. He was highly involved with McLaren, during which time they won six titles, and for the last three years has been working with Mercedes’ F1 team.

Stat of the Day:
In 1994, Mercedes engines returned to F1, first with Sauber and then with McLaren. In 2010, they returned as a manufacturer, having been out of the sport in that capacity since the 1950s.
During that time, Mercedes have won 87 grands prix. The first podium was Mika Hakkinen at the 1995 Italian GP; the first win was at the 1997 Australian GP; the first title was the 1998 season where Hakkinen took the WDC, and McLaren took the WCC. Brawn was the first team outside of McLaren to score a victory, at the 2009 Australian GP.
Mercedes victories 1994-2012: 1 (Mercedes), 8 (Brawn), 78 (McLaren).
In the entirely of Mercedes’ time in F1 (including 1954-5), they have only failed to win races in three season: 1994, 1995 and 1996.


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