January 6th 2013

Countdown to 2013 Formula One season: 68 days

1956 Indy 500 winner Pat Flaherty was born on this day in 1926. This race was part of the F1 world championship at the time, and temporarily placed Flaherty fourth in the championship standings. He died in April 2002.

Rally star Carlos Sainz leads the cars in the Dakar Rally by eight seconds after the first day of the event. The bikes are led by Chilean Franciso Lopez, who came third in the 2010 Dakar Rally, and won the 2010 Tunisia Rally. The quadbikes are led by Peruvian Ignacio Flores Seminario. The trucks are led by Dutch driver Gerard De Rooy, who won the 2010 Dakar Rally in this category.

The Dakar Rally continues in Peru.

Stat of the Day:
Naturally, the majority of Indy 500 winners have been American. However, 26 winners have been racing under a non-USA license. The UK features eight of those winners, including the most recent: Dario Franchitti (2007, 2010, 2012) and Dan Wheldon (2005, 2011). Indeed, in the recent era of the Indy 500, held under IndyCar sanctioning since 1996, only four of the seventeen races have been won by a driver from the USA. This is due to the spread of nationalities in the IndyCar series, which despite its American focus is host to drivers from around the world, and really ought to be more popular worldwide.


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