5th March 2013

Countdown to 2013 Formula One season: 10 days

On This Day:
The 1977 South African GP was a tragic one. Renzo Zorzi’s Shadow had an engine failure, and when two marshalls ran out on the track to help, one of them was hit by Tom Pryce. Neither marshall Fredrik Jansen nor Pryce – who was hit by Jansen’s fire extinguisher – survived. The race continued and was won by Niki Lauda.
It was also the final race for Carlos Pace before his fatal air accident.

Jo Zeller’s son Sandro has been signed to his European F3 team.
iSport has sadly ended its time in GP2 after a very successful 8 years in the series.
Russian Time will replace iSport.
The GP2 testing lineup today includes last test’s fastest man Tom Dillmann at Russian Time, alongside F2 champ Luciano Bacheta. Conor Daly will also be driving in the test, at Hilmer, while Trident is running FR 3.5 champ Robin Frijns.

GP2 testing at Barcelona
Eurocup testing at Paul Ricard


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