15th March 2013

Formula One is back! YES!

Alex Sims is 25 today.

On This Day:
Ricardo Patrese had pole for the 1981 US GP West. All teams were on Michelin tyres after Goodyear withdrew from F1. Australian champion Alan Jones won with Williams.

By the time you read this, the first two sessions of the 2013 F1 season will have taken place, and there will be a vague idea of competitiveness.
There has been a small amount of confusion over whether team physios count as part of a team’s 60 staff member restriction on a race weekend. Charlie Whiting has decided that if a physio is involved with the pit board or tyre covers then they do count, otherwise they don’t.
At the end of this season, Vodafone will end their sponsorship of McLaren, hopefully leading to less corporate-sounding drivers in the future.

Stat of the Day:
Since 1996, the Australian GP has only missed out on being the season opener twice: in 2006, when the race was delayed because of the Commonwealth Games, and in 2010 when Bahrain opened. In 2011 Bahrain was supposed to start the season, but the protests in that country caused the race to be postponed and eventually cancelled.


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