About me

Formula One
Ever since I was young, I can remember watching Formula One on TV. We didn’t have a TV at home, but most Sundays we would visit my Aunties house and watch the races. I can’t remember much of what I saw, but Michael Schumacher and Rubens Barrichello were always doing their thing. But until 2010, I had never seen a complete season of races. With BBC iPlayer, there is no excuse. I have even started watching the practise sessions live – even though it keeps me up at night.
With the 2010 season part-way gone, I began to catalogue some of the more obvious statistics like qualification positions and race finishes. Then I began to go deeper. I was already blogging about the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, so it was only natural to add Formula One to everything.
My goal is to see a race live, with the 2012 Belgian GP looking most likely. The first race weekend I attended was the 2011 Knockhill round of the BTCC.

The rest of my life
I am a student in Edinburgh, Scotland. However, I am very much English and proud of it. I did study maths for a time, but by my final year I realised that this wasn’t where I wanted to be. Armed with a degree, I switched to my current studies: Publishing. Right now I am hoping to employ my maths skills again, by looking to become a race strategist.
My other passions are my faith in God as a Christian, and Science Fiction and Fantasy. Unfortunately, Formula One’s timing can sometimes get in the way of what I should really have as my main priority, which is church on Sundays. I should really use iPlayer more!